Bring your chair to life with products crafted for your world

We specialise in crafting bespoke wheelchair accessories and made-to-measure upholstery, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional quality for every wheelchair brand and model.

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Proudly made in the UK

Rooted in the UK, PYC champions local production. We're all about embracing the rich tradition of British craftsmanship, ensuring every product meets high standards of quality and sustainability.

With a focus on responsible manufacturing, we’re not just making products, we’re keeping traditions alive and reducing our environmental impact. True quality, locally made.

Quality design & materials

We care about what goes into our products. We pick top-notch materials that last and design our products to be both useful and good-looking. It’s simple: great stuff made well. That’s our promise to you.

The perfect fit

We get it – uniqueness is what makes you, you. That's why at PYC, we ditch the one-size-fits-all approach.

Our creation process is designed to cater to your personal needs, measurements, and preferences. Because everyone deserves a product that made just for them.

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Project: Restore

Original quality, or better—that's our promise. Let us revive your upholstery, restoring its glory and then some.

Our support

Need the right fit or the perfect product? We're here to guide you. We're here to help make sure everything measures up perfectly too.


Black? That’s just the start. We offer a palette of colours and a selection of materials for when you want to show off your unique style. Make it yours.

Bespoke Service

Our upholstery is custom-made. It's our speciality and what we have done for over a decade.


So many have shared their stories with PYC, and their words are music to our ears. We’re all about making you happy, and it seems we’re hitting the right note!
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Sports Team Orders

Got team colours? Imagine those winners photos with all the team in matching straps and backrests. There's winning discounts to match, too.

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