Our shipping and dispatch times vary depending on what you're buying. PYC items are handmade in the UK and need some extra time to be made.

Postal Services

The following timescales are in addition to our dispatch times (scroll down) 

United Kingdom
Standard - Royal Mail First Class 1-2 days
Express - Royal Mail Special Delivery Tracked next day


Standard Europe 5 working days
Express & Tracked Europe 3-5 working days
note: brexit related delays could affect these times


Worldwide (Rest of the world)
Standard Worldwide 7 working days
Express & Tracked Worldwide 5-7 working days


Dispatch Times

For items marked with an asterisk (*), our estimated dispatch time starts when we get your measurement form.

Adjustable Backrest 5-10 days*
Adjustable Strap Backrest 5-10 days*
Single Tube Fixed Backrest 5-10 days
Centre Backrest Pad 5-10 days
Adjustable Strap Wings 5-10 days*
HL Wings 5-10 days*
Strap Wings 5-10 days
Cushion & Cover 5-10 days
Cushion Cover 5-10 days
Seatsling w/ Screw Holes 5-10 days*
Seatsling w/ hook and loop 5-10 days
Buckle Strap Seat Sling 5-10 days*
Strap Seat Sling 5-10 days*
Down Under Seat Bag w/ Straps 2-3 days
Down Under Seat Bag w/ Hook & Loop 2-3 days
Under Seat Pouch w/Straps 2-3 days
Under Seat Pouch w/ Hook & Loop 2-3 days
Large Under Seat Bag 4-6 days
Wheel Bag 5-10 days
Rucksack - loop 4-6 days
Rucksack - strap 4-6 days
Ball Bag 2-3 days
Impact Guards 2-3 days
Impact Guards - Leather 2-3 days
Impact Guards w/ Cut Outs 5-7 days*
Back Bar Impact Guard 2-3 days
Back Bar Impact Guard - Leather 2-3 days
Ratchet Protector Covers 2-3 days
Skirt Guards 2-3 days
Side Pads 2-3 days
All straps 2-3 days
Mobile Phone Holder 2-3 days
Frame Key Ring 2-3 days
Cyclone Cushion & Cover 5-10 days
Cyclone Cushion Cover 5-10 days
Cyclone Seat Sling - screw 5-10 days*
Cyclone Seat Sling - hook & loop 5-10 days
Cyclone Backrest 5-10 days*
Cyclone Bag 5-10 days