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We bet the corners of your chair wear through at quite an alarming rate and eventually they will tear, split and cause you some discomfort.

These wings are our most advanced and feature straps as well as Hook and Loop so you can adjust your backrest to curve to you and work with you.

Keep wearing through your regular wing corners? Think some leather reinforcements would help? You’re right, they would, and we can do that for you.

Leather gives you that premium feel, style and signature scent. With unparalleled levels of class and comfort with added natural breathability, Leather gains a beautiful natural patina over time. 

  • Adjustable straps allow you to contour your backrest to your personal shape
  • Strong metal buckles, they’ll take as much as you need them to, and more
  • Ready to mix up the colours! Maybe go for a Red/Blue combination
  • Leather corner protection if you want it. Stop you quickly wearing through your wing corners

Pair this with our backrest centre pad and maybe try two different colours to make an extra special backrest.

Our wings are custom made for your chair and therefore we need a few more details. Once you’ve checked out we’ll send you a simple form for you to fill out so we can make your perfect wings.

Extra Measurements Needed

Leather Corner Reinforcements

Push Handle Holes

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